This title might seem a little strange for a Motivation Monday blog post, but hear me out. At the beginning of the year many people feel an initial spark of motivation to begin working out, changing their diet, or starting a new healthier habit, but life inevitably gets in the way and causes people to fall off the wagon. 

This is to be expected because the truth is, you can’t rely on motivation forever. Motivation naturally ebbs and flows in us all and suddenly watching some Netflix on the couch sounds much more appealing than hitting a workout. Instead of relying on motivation to keep you working out, instead we recommend you put systems in place to make working out a habit, something that is part of your routine. 

People who work out consistently don’t have some sort of super power that keeps them showing up to the gym. Instead of waiting for motivation to magically strike you to hit a workout, make a plan to workout during the week by doing things like asking your partner to watch the kids and meal prepping dinner the day before that way you know you’ll have time to get to the gym. I even like to add my workouts to my calendar to add an extra layer of accountability. I’d never miss a meeting or an appointment on my calendar, and this way I won’t miss my workout either. 

Once you’ve created a new routine, like hitting the 4:30 PM class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, soon you’ll start to see the same faces, and if you miss a few workouts the coach and athletes will probably notice. Before long you’re getting texts asking where you’ve been, if everything is okay, and all of a sudden you have a community of people keeping you accountable and supporting you on your fitness journey. 

In summary, the secret sauce to staying motivated isn’t to rely on motivation alone. The secret to motivation is putting systems in place to make working out part of your routine. Before long, you’ll look forward to the hour of your day dedicated to improving yourself, blowing off some steam, and anchoring you to a healthy lifestyle.


-Coach Dee