We get it. Starting something new can feel daunting. In adulthood we are rarely true beginners at anything. Going into your first class at Evolve Community Fitness can be a bit nerve racking, with many questions likely swimming around your head. Where do I park? Do I need to pre-register a spot ahead of time? How long before class should I arrive? Where will I put my belongings? What do I bring? What shoes should I wear? Where is the equipment located? Where are the bathrooms? Is there a water fountain? 

First things first. Our facility is located in Riverside Industries which is located at 1 Cottage Street, Easthampton, MA 01027. The easiest way to find our facility is to come in off of Liberty Street near the 7-Eleven on Union Street. After turning onto Liberty Street you’ll take a right at the greenhouse. There is free parking available here. Once you’ve parked, walk down the slight slope towards the large brick building. You’ll see a ramp that takes you right to our door. 







If you’d like to set up a no-sweat intro so you have the opportunity to tour the space and learn about our gym without working out, we can definitely do that. Just shoot us an email at [email protected] to set up a date/time. 

If you’d prefer to try out a class on your first visit to Evolve that is okay too! You do not need to pre-register ahead of time, you are welcome to drop in to any of our group classes. If you’d like to do this, we do recommend that you arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of time to sign a waiver and meet the coach leading the class. The coach will briefly show you around the space and ensure you have all the equipment you need for the workout. And remember, your first class is always on us!

As far as what to bring and what to wear, any workout clothes or tennis shoes will do just fine for your first class. The only items we’d recommend you bring are a water bottle and a mask. We have a spot for you to refill your water bottle and we also have plastic bottled water for sale in the gym. We have two gender-neutral restrooms in our facility. 

When you enter the gym you’ll notice individual squares on the ground. This is to provide our athletes a space to work out while maintaining the appropriate social distance. The square will have all the equipment you need for that day’s workout. The equipment in the square might vary slightly (such as a 45 lb barbell vs 35 lb), but the coach will help you select the appropriate square for your needs. The individual squares will also be equipped with a towel and a sanitizing spray so that athletes can wipe down the equipment after the workout. We have a small cubby area for belongings, but due to COVID-19 we ask that you leave your belongings (jacket, keys, phone, water bottle) immediately adjacent to your square. Our facility also has a shower in each restroom, but due to COVID-19 we are not allowing athletes to use the showers at this time. Additionally, athletes and coaches must wear masks during the class. 

When it’s time for class to begin, the coach will explain the workout for the day at a high level and answer any questions about the workout in front of the group. At your first class, you can likely expect to scale the workout for your individual fitness level. For example, if the workout includes pull ups maybe the coach will recommend you instead do banded pull ups or ring rows. After the whiteboard chat, the coach will lead the group through a warm up, a couple stretches, and then prepare the athletes for the specific movements in that day’s workout. This is when the majority of the teaching regarding proper movement patterns and technique occurs. At Evolve, you will always be under the watchful eye of an experienced coach who will help correct your form and ensure you are moving safely and efficiently. Once athletes have been warmed up, selected the appropriate weights and scales for that day’s workout, the coach will give the athletes an opportunity to grab a drink or hit the bathroom. After this, the coach will start the clock and the group will begin the workout together. During the workout the coach will keep an eye on each athlete and ensure they are continuing to move safely, as well as offer individual coaching queues as appropriate. Once everyone has finished the workout, each athlete will wipe down their equipment, and the coach may recommend a post-workout stretch to cool down.

We hope this post makes starting your journey with us a bit less daunting. Remember, everyone in the gym was a beginner at some point. If you have any other questions about how to get started at Evolve Community Fitness, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]!


-Coach Dee