“I began training with Matt and the group about 10 months ago. Everyone in the gym was extremely welcoming and supportive as I learned the movements and gradually increased my fitness. Having certified trainers in the group was an added benefit as they help with proper form and modifications to the workouts as needed.

I am amazed at how quickly exercise and proper nutrition can transform your body. I am now at a consistent weight, much stronger, 38 pounds lighter, and in the best shape of my life. I attribute much of my success to the team which is focused on safety, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle.”

– Steve Hermanson

“Eviction CrossFit and their trainers changed my life over age 40!  I have always been active but as I got older it seemed like nothing worked to shed those extra pounds that had been adding up.  Eviction CrossFit staff taught me how to eat better and encouraged me to become stronger, but didn’t push too hard where I might injure myself.  I feel better physically compared to how I felt when I was 15 years younger. I love what I have learned and how I have grown, and I know that it is because of the leadership and core group of people that I work out with that caused the change. I am so excited for the opening and can’t wait to see what new things they have in store for me.”

– Sunia Pallante

“I was an overweight working mother of two. I had little to no energy to do much of anything with the little time I did have. Eviction CrossFit, the members, and staff motivated me to begin to get healthy. I fell in love with it and began to see glimpses of the woman I once was!”

– Amy Burke

My daughters convinced me to try working out with Eviction CrossFit members over a year ago. I was a beginner and nervous at first due to my age(60+), but found the members and staff to be welcoming and encouraging. The staff was very helpful showing me how to modify any of the movements that I wasn’t comfortable with, so that I could avoid injury. I would absolutely recommend Eviction to someone of any age or any ability.  It’s also pretty cool that the last time I weighed 183lbs was in the 1980’s.”

– Paul Truehart

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