I have a challenge for all of you, but to understand the challenge we need to understand what got us to this point.

Think back to your first CrossFit workout. For some it may have been a few months ago, for others many years ago. This was your FIRST workout, and whether you were a regular at a different gym or it was your first time stepping into a gym there’s a very good chance you modified that first workout. You scaled it back so that you could learn the movements, so that your body could get used to this style of working out. Then on the next day when you woke up, remember how sore you were? Muscles were sore and you didn’t even know those muscles existed. Gradually over time you became more comfortable with those movements, and your muscles got used to the wear and tear. You were able to hit new PRs and you were able to grow both mentally and physically.

We’ve all now been forced into a 4 month hiatus. We’ve had to change the way we live to accommodate these new circumstances. We worked from home, stayed at home on the weekends, and worked out at home. We went from working out 5 days a week at a high intensity, to 3 days a week at a relatively low intensity. As this started becoming the new normal our bodies started adapting and getting used to that more sedentary lifestyle. We’re now at the end of that tunnel.

We’re finally able to get back into the gym, we’re finally able to work out with our friends, and most importantly, we’re finally able to lift a barbell again! But with that we need to face a harsh reality..we haven’t worked out with competitive intensity in 4 months. Our aerobic capacity is not where it used to be, and our legs are not able to back squat the same weight they once did. Does this stink? Oh absolutely. But now more than ever it’s important that we leave our egos at the door.

So let’s talk about this challenge I have for you. I challenge all of you to slow things down. Don’t let the excitement overtake you, don’t worry about what you could lift 4 months ago, and accept your fitness no matter where it may be. These next few weeks are going to be challenging, but we have a chance relearn, regrow, and embrace our fitness journey once more. Take advantage of this opportunity. Take time to work on the precise barbell movements, take time to build back your strength, and reap the benefits afterwards.

This time off the gym may have slowed or halted your progress, but you need to walk before you can run. Take your time, build a better you; all of the best evolutions take time.

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