Hey there everyone! It has been a crazy few weeks of uncertainty, and unfortunately we are still left with more questions that answers. During this time though, we have to look at the positive and try to make the most out of the situation. A great chance to  spend some much needed time with family, get more time outdoors than we might have been before, and an opportunity to build on this gym community. In addition to the at-home workouts, video updates and equipment rental we’ve got a few additional things we’re going to be doing through the month of April to keep the fun rolling and make the most out of what we’ve got. So here’s a deep dive into what’s going on!



    We have a couple days remaining on our Born Primitive Recovery Program! If you are looking for some new workout gear check out their website, they’ve got some awesome stuff! I personally have a shirt and 2 pairs of joggers (which are extremely comfortable and are just tight enough to show off the legs a bit).

    When making a purchase at www.bornprimitive.com use the code “RECOVERY6832” and this will send 50% of your purchase back to our gym. This goes until April 5 so make sure to get those orders in and help give back!


    Similar to the BP Relief Program, Ascent Protein is running a program where proceeds are returned to affiliates. From now through April 14, if you make a purchase of Whey, Casein, or Pre-WOD from www.ascentprotein.com 15% of the purchase will be returned back to our box!

    Here’s how their program works. When you make the purchase on their website enter the code “EVICTIONCF” at check out. That code will tie you back to our affiliate and make sure that 15% is returned to our gym. Remember you’ve got until April 14 so if you need any protein products you’ve got 2 weeks!


    Over a three-week period, CrossFit will release three classic workouts, each with a scaled option that can be performed with minimal or no equipment by athletes of any ability level. All athletes who participate will have their names displayed on the Open leaderboard during the competition and will be able to create smaller leaderboards among friends, family, and other members of their affiliate by using leaderboard hashtags.

    Registration will take place on games.crossfit.com/open beginning on or before Wednesday, March 31, and will remain open for the duration of the competition. The first workout will be released on Friday, April 3.

    When you register, you will have the option to select a contribution amount ranging from $20 to $1,000 or participate at no cost. Participants can also select the affiliate they would like to receive their contribution. When the competition closes, the proceeds will be distributed to affiliates in accordance with their roster of supporters. CrossFit, Inc. will distribute all registration funds to the designated affiliates.


    Don’t forget that we’ve got a little At Home challenge going on as well! Similar to the Bingo Challenge we ran at the gym, we’ve now added the At Home twist to it. All of these boxes can be checked off by completing At Home workouts, sharing some things on social media, or even just bettering your mental health!

    Take a peak at those Bingo boards and see what you can check off. Remember, there will be multiple winners for this so get active and get some BINGOs!!


    Last but certainly not least, I’ve been trying to think of a way to get everyone back together again. Unfortunately, as much as I want to see all of you in person I’ve locked myself into my room and have no intention of leaving. So since I can’t see you in person I think we’ve got the next best option…a Community Zoom WOD!

    So with this WOD, I’m thinking of starting off 2 days a week: Monday and Thursday. Now I’d like to have a vote on different times to see what works best for everyone; I’d like to get as many people as possible in each class to make it as fun as possible.

    With that in mind, I’ll be putting up a Facebook vote to see which time works best, so get on there, cast your vote, and let’s get together via the interwebs!!