We are a very short 1 month away from the 2021 Open! Although this year will look a bit different, both for us as a gym and the entire community as a whole, one thing will stay the same: we are about to have a huuuuge fitness party!

For the newer members or those who didn’t participate last year, the Open is the worldwide start to the CrossFit game season. It’s a chance for everyone from the fittest athletes on Earth to us weekend warriors to have some fun and compete all together. Normally, we would have a big Friday Night Lights Event and we would run waves of the workouts with athletes being judged. This year however, due to COVID, we have to change up our party plan a little bit.

Let’s start at Step 1. Signing up for the Open. To get yourself signed up and ready to fitness, head over to and create an account. Once you’re all set, right on the home page you’ll click “Sign Up”. It will redirect you to the sign up page, where you’ll put in your information. On this page it will ask you if you work out at an affiliate, you will select NO and it will have you input your address. It costs $20 to compete in the Open. If you don’t want to pay the money to have your name on a leaderboard don’t worry, you can still complete the workouts with everybody!

When you’ve registered, return back to your Athlete Dashboard. In this section, scroll down to “Your #hashtag leaderboards”. Where it says “Add your own hashtag” you will type in EVOLVECOMMUNITYFITNESS. Doing this will create a custom leaderboard, and everyone who puts #EVOLVECOMMUNITYFITNESS will be on it so we can see how our whole gym does!

This year for us, we will still be completing the workouts on Friday’s, but we will be doing them through the group classes. We’ll have the usual schedule of morning and afternoon classes so there will be plenty of opportunities to do your workout. As we get closer we will update everyone as to how these classes will flow and how it will work. Unfortunately at this time we are still limited to a certain number of people in the building, hopefully things change so that we can cheer each other on!

Now because we are unaffiliated we will have to verify scores a bit differently. Each class will be filmed, and when you go to input your score for the Games Leaderboard you will have to put in a video submission. The class time you did the workout in will have its own video uploaded to YouTube, and you will use that URL to input for your video submission. After each class I’ll be sending out information for the video URL that way you will have easy access to your classes video.

When the video is submitted, you’ll be all set and ready for next week! Don’t worry, I totally understand that it might get confusing. During these weeks I will do my best to keep everything as smooth as possible and make sure everything gets handled timely. If there are any questions at all don’t hesitate to ask.

Let’s have some fun and crush some workouts!! Happy lifting!


-Coach Zack