We all know that the past few weeks or so have been an incredibly crazy time to say the least. The world has been in chaos as the coronavirus, COVID-19, spreads exponentially and claims the lives of thousands of people. 

I had a conversation with Coach Zack last week and he said the hardest thing about right now is that so many things are out of his control. Sure, we can practice social distancing, work from home, avoid large gatherings, but the fact is that COVID-19 is spreading at an alarming and unprecedented rate whether we like it or not. 

Potentially seemingly unrelated, I’m reminded of July 2014 when I underwent a bilateral fasciotomy. I had exertional compartment syndrome from overtraining during marathon training. The recovery period of this surgery was a very difficult time for me personally as I was so impatient and just wanted this chapter to be over (spending my 20th birthday in a wheelchair was no fun either). Finally, I realized that I couldn’t control that I was recovering from surgery, but I could control my attitude about it. Similar to 2014 post-surgery Dee, we can’t control that the COVID-19 outbreak is ravaging the US (apart from the obvious social distancing measures we should all be practicing), but we can control our attitude about it. We can use this as time to spend with our family, organize our home, cross some books off our reading list, and take advantage of the Facebook live videos Coach Zack is posting that we can do from our living rooms. 

Of course I miss the Eviction crew and working out with everyone. But we get to control how we handle this pandemic and our attitude during this unprecedented time. Let’s choose to listen to public health professionals, be kind to one another, and remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Control the things you can control, particularly your headspace.

Coach Dee Sassorossi


              Dee celebrating her 20th birthday after surgery.