There are many “gyms” in the area, but what sets us apart from them, is that, with us, the owners are the members.  We are passionate about living a healthy life and supporting others that want to do so.

Our health facility offers a range of group classes, intended to serve all fitness levels. While the facility primarily offers high intensity, functional workouts, we also offer variations of this technique to meet the needs of any client looking to be their best healthy self. In addition to the workout, ECF also offers nutrition and health coaching to encourage and support life-changing opportunities for our members.

ECF is a place where members are part of a team.  Our goal is to know our members, make them feel welcome and encourage them to be their best person.  The owners all live normal, working lives, with children and families, so we understand the day-to-day grind that most people face.  We know how difficult it can be to get a workout in and to make healthy food choices with our busy lifestyles. Our goal is to provide guidance, mentor, motivate and encourage our members.  The individual connections we strive to make with our members is what sets us apart from any local competitor.

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Matthew Dusseault


Matthew is an example of using exercise and nutrition to better one’s life.  Matthew’s passion started as a triathlete, which prepared him for CrossFit training. Matthew has spent countless hours studying and practicing CrossFit technique as well as nutrition.  He currently holds an L1 CrossFit certification, CrossFit Kids certification, CrossFit Gymnastics certification, and CrossFit Weightlifting certification. He is also a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.  In addition to his passion for health and fitness, Matthew is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Roberts Energy. Matthew is the drive behind the start of ECF. He is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of others.  

Zack Mullane

Head Coach / Operations Manager

Zack studied Physical Education at Endicott College, and worked as a physical education teacher at a local middle school for many years before deciding to focus his career on CrossFit. Zack has been coaching CrossFit for over 3 years, and has also coached barbell clubs and gymnastics programs.  Zack has obtained his L1 CrossFit certification, his CrossFit Gymnastics certification, and his CrossFit Weightlifting certification. Zack is currently studying to achieve his USA Weightlifting certificate. While at Endicott College, Zack played soccer and continues to play today. In addition to soccer, Zack also enjoys playing volleyball, golfing, and any backyard or beach sports. We at Eviction CrossFit love Zack’s competitive side, and we know he is the encouraging push that our athletes need to overcome obstacles. Zack’s enthusiasm shines during our CrossFit group classes and during one-on-one personal training with our athletes. Stop by and say hello to Zack!

Jason Catarino


Jason has had a passion for fitness for the majority of his adult life. In addition to his Level 1 certificate, Jason also holds his CrossFit Adaptive Training certification, his CrossFit Gymnastics certification, and his CrossFit Kids certification. Jason has also completed numerous other clinics and online courses of related materials. What Eviction loves most about Jason is that he is constantly trying to improve himself. He is currently under the mentorship of Greg Amundson, CrossFit’s “original firebreather.” In his spare time, Jason enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking with his dog Charlie, motorcycling, reading, and meditating. Jason also enjoys golfing and playing darts. When we asked Jason for one piece of advice he would give someone, he said “Doing CrossFit at a gym with the support of positive, like-minded people is the most impactful thing you can do to pursue the best version of yourself.” We could not agree more- be sure to stop by one of Jason’s classes.

Hollie Lehoullier


Hollie began her coaching journey in 2017, when she received her CrossFit L1 certificate. In addition to her L1, Hollie also holds a CrossFit Weightlifting certificate, she is a Certified Nutrition Specialist, and she is certified in First Aid and CPR. She is also currently working towards her certification as a Personal Trainer. Hollie has previously led women only specialty classes- look for some of these coming to Eviction in the future! Hollie has a passion for nutrition ever since she saw the difference it made in her own life. Hollie works full time as a Quality Inspection Engineer, but spends most of her spare time in the gym. We are so excited to have Hollie coaching classes at Eviction. We love her competitive yet humble side- she will be sure to make all new and experienced CrossFit athletes feel at home in one of her classes. Keep your eye out for her awesome handstand walks- she will surely inspire all of our athletes!

Kevin McGrath


Kevin’s eventual passion with CrossFit progressed naturally. Kevin started out enjoying long-distance running while attending college, which led to other fitness interests such as yoga and p90x, until he eventually found himself in a CrossFit gym and fell in love. Kevin decided to get his CrossFit Level 1 certification in June 2016, and began coaching immediately. He eventually went on to obtain his L2 CrossFit Trainer certification to further his knowledge of CrossFit and coaching. Kevin has led many specialty programs, including weightlifting, mobility, and after school programs. Kevin has his Masters of Education in Teaching, and has a full time job as a Secondary Mathematics Teacher with Holyoke public schools. He enjoys working with youth and teaching them about mathematics and life. At Eviction, you will see Kevin coaching the Saturday morning group classes, and you will see him on Sunday mornings during Open Gym time.


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